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As a leader, how are you feeling about your career and your company?

  • Being run ragged by your business?
  • Putting in endless hours with no return?
  • Praying for the weekend to come?
  • Still competing on price?
  • Sick of watching other companies succeed instead of you?

That’s life at a business that is selling vanilla ice cream.

This is how leaders who implement the Stop Selling Vanilla Ice Cream Strategy & Talent Process into their business define success:

  • Confidence in my future
  • Margin to breathe, to think, to recharge
  • Balanced life that reaches my personal and professional goals
  • A high performing team
  • Clearly differentiated from my competitors and getting paid for it
  • Profit, even when I’m not there
  • Record sales and profitability

Success starts with wrapping the right talent around your differentiated (your mint chip) strategy. Our proven process gives you the process and templates to plan so you can profit.


“Without Strategy, your Talent is not focused.

Without Talent, your Strategy is not executed.”


Experience Record Sales and Profits when you Stop Selling Vanilla Ice Cream®


The process has been perfected over the last 15 years by being completed over 500 times.


After one year in our process, 95% of our clients increase sales and profitability.


Successfully implemented in over 350 industries.

  1. The Book The Book
  2. The Workbook The Workbook
  3. The Keynote The Keynote
  4. The Workshop The Workshop
  5. The Advisors The Advisors
  • The Book


    • The book provides you with everything to implement the Stop Selling  Vanilla Ice Cream® Strategy & Talent Planning Process into your own  organization.
    • The book is an easy-to-read true story of a company going through the  process for you to follow as you implement it into your organization.
    • All the templates to implement the process are complementary on our  Resources page.
    • This “do it yourself” approach provides you with the most economical  method to wrap the right talent around your differentiated strategy to  stop selling vanilla ice cream.

  • The Workbook


    • Easy-to-use workbook to implement the Stop Selling Vanilla Ice Cream  process into your business.
    • Includes the process and templates.
    • An excellent complement to reading the book and a very economical  approach to optimizing the strategy & talent of your organization.
  • The Keynote


    • The primary objective of a Stop Selling Vanilla Ice Cream Keynote  Speech is to provide you with the inspiration, actions, and tools to improve your business and life.
    • It is an interactive and entertaining presentation customized to meet  the specific needs of your event and audience.
    • This keynote address will help you answer the most important  question for your organization: “Why will a customer choose to do  business with us over a competitor?”
    • You will leave this keynote motivated to create a better life for you and  every person in your organization by dominating your industry.
    • It’s time to Stop the Vanilla!BOOK STEVE TO SPEAK
  • The Workshop


    • Launch your planning initiative with a personal workshop from a  Certified Strategy & Talent Advisor.
    • Complete strategy & talent methodologies during the workshop that  you can immediately implement into your business.
    • Develop the fundamentals of every successful organization: Strategy  and Talent.
    • Define “Why” a customer is going to choose you vs. a competitor.
    • Review a Talent Management System and how to implement it into your organization.
    • Walk out of this workshop with everything you need to wrap the right  talent around your differentiated strategy.
  • The Advisors

    CERTIFIED STRategy & Talent advisors

    • Based on implementing this process in over 350 industries, the largest  return on investment comes from having a Certified Strategy & Talent  Advisor lead you through the Stop Selling Vanilla Ice Cream Process.
    • An experienced advisor will carry the weight of the process and help  you resolve the most sensitive issues as your team develops the  optimum Strategy & Talent Plan for your organization. It will be the  most candid and productive discussion your team has ever had.
    • The Certified Strategy & Talent Advisor will guide you through the 4  phases of the process, including plan execution to ensure the plan is  implemented.
    • Implementing the Stop Selling Vanilla Ice Cream Process into your  organization with the experienced guidance of a Strategy & Talent Advisor will lead to record sales and profits. Those Who Plan –  PROFIT!®


Meet the Man with the Scoop


Thank you for your interest in Stop Selling Vanilla Ice Cream.   In creating the process over the last 15 years I have completed it hundreds of times.  As a result, I can tell you with 100% confidence there is not a challenge an organization is facing that can’t be resolved by wrapping the right talent around your differentiated strategy.  This process has led to unprecedented success for thousands of companies and leaders.   

Our focus is to provide you that same opportunity to achieve success in your professional and personal life.   Successful businesses provide options.  Successful people have options.   Let us know how we can help.  Remember, Those Who Plan – PROFIT!


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