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Annual Goals

When creating goals, nothing is simpler or more effective than the tried-and-true SMART approach introduced in 1981 by George Doran, Arthur Miller, and James Cunningham. You may have heard about this goal-setting technique before, but it bears repeating. In our variation model, SMART stands for:

SPECIFIC: be able to answer who, what, where, when, and why questions about the goal

MEASURABLE: identify concrete criteria for gauging progress

AGREED-UPON: in a team setting, gain consensus regarding the appropriateness of the goal and any incremental steps to achieve it

REALISTIC: you must believe the goal is possible in order to make it happen

TIMELY: ground the goal in a time frame

If you have three years to accomplish your vision, what are the most important goals you need to accomplish in the next year to take the first step? Try to identify some attainable goals to take a small bite out of this elephant. As you work through this goal-setting exercise, you’ll want to brainstorm action plans to attain each goal.
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Learn More About Your Market

Market Research

Since you can’t make strategic decisions in a vacuum, collecting market research and evaluating how it impacts your organization must be one of the early steps you take in identifying potential competence options. Market research helps you identify the strategic opportunities for the organization.

Market research is on the of the greatest struggles for an organization, because typically there is no one assigned to do it. Every organization must challenge itself to collect as much market research and intelligence as possible prior to developing its strategy. While collecting market research is a lot of work and it’s tempting to ignore it, you can accomplish a lot without too much effort or expense. Market research companies can offer incredible insight, but it may be unrealistic to spend more money on research when you’re already committing significant resources to planning. But you can rely on your team to step up and fill the role: they probably have the industry experience necessary to do their own market research without the need to hire an outside agency if you don’t have the budget for it.

It’s important to understand that market research and analysis are not one-time events. Through continuous market research, successful organizations adapt their competence and strategies to the changing marketplace. This proactive approach enable companies not only to maintain their competitive advantage, but also to strengthen it.

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