Have you achieved what you want in your business and life?  If not, there are two simple ingredients to do it. Having the right plan implemented by the right talent.  There is no problem you can’t overcome or opportunity you can’t take advantage of. In fact, you can achieve anything you want in your business and life with the right plan implemented by the right talent.  From a work perspective, you can start increasing profits with the right strategy implemented with the right team. 

Right Plan

The first step to achieving what you want in your business or department is to have the right plan to do it.  The easiest way to develop your plan is to define what you want your company to look like in three years.  Tell the story of the company as you see it as a team. Describe your vision in both subjective and objective (numbers) components.  Define your vision in detail from how you are going to differentiate yourself, what products/services you will be offering to how much you will be doing in sales by 12/31/2021 for example.  Defining your vision in detail provides a clear target for you to aim all your decisions and resources at for the next three years to Stop Selling Vanilla Ice Cream. 

Once you have clearly defined your vision now set your goals to take the first step in achieving your vision.  Have specific action plans to achieve each goal that has an owner and due date to complete them.  Complete the action plans to achieve your goals and then annually reset your goals and action plans to take another step in achieving your vision. As simple as that.

At our company, we meet monthly to review completion of our individual action plans to work on the business to achieve our annual goals.  When we look back at the end of each six-month sprint of action plans, we have significantly moved the development of the Stop The Vanilla Platform forward.  It does not happen as fast as I want but I have learned that it is about consistently moving the company towards what the leadership team wants it to be. For example, our second book Stop Living Vanilla Ice Cream will be ready for the publisher by the end of the year.

Don’t make planning more complicated than it needs to be. Goals and action plans each year to move towards and achieve your vision.  The right plan is the first step in achieving what you want. 

Right Talent

Once you have created the simple plan to achieve what you want in your business or department now you can determine the right talent needed to implement the plan. The talent you need on your team is based on the strategy of the organization, not vice versa. The plan drives what talent we need to achieve it.  What experience and skill sets are needed on your team to implement the vision and plan you have created?      At Stop The Vanilla we wanted to take it to the next level in videos and content, so we hired a marketing specialist with those skills sets.  Welcome to the team Jordan, we are excited to have you.

You must build a team to implement the plan, a team that has the right people in the right positions to get it done.  Using behavioral science tools and processes makes hiring, developing and retaining the right talent to implement the plan much easier to do. Based on the plan we can define exactly what we need in each position and develop and hire our talent to deliver the plan. Without strategy your talent is not focused and without talent your plan is not implemented.

Over the years I have seen thousands of companies and individuals achieve what they want by developing a simple plan that is implemented by the right talent.  Just two simple ingredients to have a growing and profitable business and live the life you want.   Remember – Those Who Plan, Profit!