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  • Based on the success of the process in over 350 industries, we are building a network of Certified Strategy & Talent Advisors to deliver the Stop Selling Vanilla Ice Cream Process around the world.
  • With our experience in building SM Advisors, Inc., ( we can provide you the expertise to excel in the three fundamentals required to build a profitable consulting practice:
  1. Business Development
  2. Service Delivery
  3. Financial/Strategic Management of the Firm
  • Join our network of collaborative strategy & talent advisors that are changing the lives of organizational leaders, their employees, and their families every day.


Profitable Consulting Practice

You are provided all you need to quickly build a profitable consulting practice.

Trained & Certified the Stop Selling Vanilla Ice Cream Process and the behavioral assessments used in the process.

Process & Templates

Through the Strategy & Talent Advisor Guide, you are provided the templates, instructions, and action plans to complete each step.

Strong Brand

Memorable and creative brand strategy to separate you from your competitors. You keep your brand but are a certified provider of the Stop Selling Vanilla Ice Cream Process.

Sales Tools to Land New Customers

Provide you the sales and marketing plan, tools, thought leadership content and processes to land new customers.

Strategy & Talent Plan For Your Company

As part of the in-person training, you will develop a strategy & talent plan for your consulting firm so you stop selling vanilla ice cream.

Personal Development

You will experience significant professional and personal growth as you help other leaders experience the same.

Training and Ongoing Help

The Stop Selling Vanilla Ice Cream team will be there as you build a respected and highly profitable strategy & talent consulting practice.

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