Stop The Vanilla Speaking Kit

It is all about creating a better life for YOU and every person in your organization/association.

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Unique speech topics include:

  • Stop Selling Vanilla Ice Cream
  • Stop Living Vanilla Ice Cream
  • Build the Team to Achieve Your Dream
  • Those Who Plan – PROFIT!



Kick-start your Stop Selling Vanilla Ice Cream initiative with an interactive and inspiring presentation with creator Steve Van Remortel.

These workshops and speaking engagements focus on the fundamentals of every organization: strategy and talent. Expect to be energized, challenged and to walk away with specific action plans to implement within your organization today.

One of the primary objectives of every keynote speech is to provide you with the inspiration and actions to improve your business and your life. A Stop Selling Vanilla Ice Cream keynote speech does exactly that.

This interactive presentation provides you simple strategies to optimize the Strategy & Talent of your organization and experience individual, team and organizational performance breakthroughs. In simple terms, to Wrap the Right Talent Around a Differentiated Strategy that leads to record sales and profitability.

I will help you answer the most important strategic question for your organization: Why will a customer choose to do business with you over a competitor? I will show you “Why” & “How” to Stop Selling Vanilla Ice Cream and clearly differentiate your company (Strategy)… then build a high-performance team (Talent) to deliver it. At the end of our time together, you will walk out the door entertained, but more important, with the steps to improve your business and life.



“We greatly enjoyed having Steve as a speaker at our meeting.  He clearly and energetically conveyed key points that the audience could apply to their business on a daily basis.  Steve was instrumental in setting the team in the right direction for a successful year of sales.”

Melissa Merritt Melissa Merritt VERIZON WIRELESS

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