If you watched the Olympics in February¸ you probably heard athletes talk about “being in my zone” when they performed really well in their sport. Finding your zone applies to each of us in our professional and personal lives as well. Getting into your zone means finding that place that allows you to perform and think at a higher level. It is a deliberate, disciplined, focused time for thought and reflection. It’s that special place where your brain works at a different level and you generate the ideas and solutions that change your life.

I am in my zone when I’m riding my bike. Whether I’m riding outdoors on my mountain bike or indoors on my stationary bike, my mind just comes up with ideas that I never would have discovered otherwise.   I have created numerous ideas and strategies for my businesses and personal life and also for our clients while in the zone. In fact, I edited my entire book, “Stop Selling Vanilla Ice Cream,” while riding my stationary bike.


A colleague of mine gets in his zone while listening to running water. He has a fountain in his office and at his home. While another friend of is in her zone when she is walking. Whatever your zone, what is most important is that you find it.

So what is the environment that allows you to get into your zone? Is it walking, running or biking? Maybe it’s just being quiet or going for a drive. Remember to keep it simple. Your place must be realistic and easily accessible at any time. Your zone can’t be walking on some remote beach as much as we would like it to be.

Once you figure out “your zone” schedule times for it and then stick to it.  Formalize the process of getting into your zone. For example, I create a list of things I want to think through and read while in my zone.   Determine how you are going to document the results of being in your zone. If I’m riding my bike outdoors, I’ll stop and leave myself a voice mail.   Inform those people close to you when you are in your zone so they can respect your time. Share your successes with the people you care about so they can find their zone and experience the same benefits.

There are incredible benefits of finding your zone and getting in to it consistently. Benefits I have experienced getting into my zone include making better more thoughtful decisions, strategies for our business, greater clarity on my future and creative ideas that have changed my life.

There is peace knowing you have that place to think through the challenges that we all face in life.   It’s time to get in your zone.   And now it is time to get back to mine.   Remember, Those Who Plan – PROFIT!